HatBat Privacy Notice

Version 1.0, dated March 1, 2020

Below are the top things you should know about HatBat Inc.:

  • Content: HatBat receives an encrypted copy of the file you upload but we cannot access the content or name of your encrypted file. By default, files are stored for a maximum of either 24 hours or 5 days. If you choose a download cap, the file can be deleted from our server sooner.
  • Data on your device: So that you can check status or delete files, basic information about your uploaded files is stored on your local device. This includes our identifier for the file, the filename, and the file’s unique download URL. This is cleared if you delete your uploaded file or upon visiting Send after the file expires. Note, however, that the URL will persist in your browsing history (and with whomever you shared it) until manually deleted.
  • Personal data: The following is necessary to provide the service:
    • IP addresses: We receive IP addresses of downloaders and uploaders as part of our standard server logs. These are retained for 90 days, and for that period, may be connected to activity of a file’s download URL.
  • Third Party Services: We use Google Analytics.